My sister Susie and her husband Dick lived in Florida and golfed every day. They both loved my beauty products! Their skin was greatly improved, especially after so much sun exposure. Dick, especially, appreciated all the compliments that he did not look his age (at 80 plus) from fellow golfers.

After a while, Dick’s health started deteriorating. Susie became his Caregiver and stopped using my beauty products for a while. Now, Susie’s time was concentrated on Dick until God took him home October 20, 2019. She concentrated on her husband’s needs and not her own — which is normal in most similar circumstances. Susie was quite younger than Dick, but he was her soul mate.

In August, 2019, I flew down to Florida to be with Susie because the doctors had only given Dick a few days to live. Susie came out to see me in the parking lot — she looked so old after only 2 years. She looked at least 10 years more than her actual age. It was not only her face, but also her arms and legs had deep lines and grooves. I felt so badly for her. When you are a caregiver, your only thought is to get your love one well or be with him/her to the end.

After Susie’s husband passed away, she was melancholy, depressed and lost. She had lost her soul mate and her best friend. I called Susie and offered to sponsor all my different beauty products that I had been developing. She was thrilled and agreed.

After 1 month using Amazing Beauty products, Susie’s lines and deep grooves in her face had softened — so much that her spirits were lifted, and she had a better outlook on life. Susie was amazed how my Beauty products had given her hope and self-esteem.

Susie continues to use Amazing Beauty Products today.

Susie’s words:

“I felt that Lorita’s Beauty products were a miracle and it gave me more of my natural beauty back as before. It made me feel good and pretty again. After Dick had passed I had nothing to live for. Now, I feel good about myself and I have my self-esteem back. I have seen many widows lose their spouse but never regain their confidence and self-esteem. This really breaks my heart that those widows didn’t have a chance to get back their natural beauty as I did.

“I am really thankful that Lorita never gave up on me, not because she is my sister, but she cares about me and others. I am really thankful I have a new chapter in my life that I am enjoying life again. Only by God’s help I have been able to achieve this confidence and self-esteem with Lorita’s Amazing Beauty Products. Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against us.

You can see the improvement in the health of her skin:

2-13-20: day #1, right leg.

2-15-20: day #3, skin is smoother and softer.

2-17-20: day #5

2-19-20: day #7

2-21-20: day #9. Last day for every other day test.

3-16-20: after 23 days, The New Me.

7-20-20: day #149