I’m Lorita Dillon, owner of Amazing Beauty Products.

I started researching different types of beauty products on the market in 2014. I had been sent an email from a beauty products company for a trial for $9.99 for sample kit. I filled out the form and put my debit card information for this sample kit only. I checked my bank account and got a surprise of $89.99 charge from this company. This 1st time “deal” signed me for an automatic debit for monthly supplies for this product at the price of $89.99 — not $9.99 as in the email. I couldn’t afford any products at this price.

I called the company and I spoke with a man — who was very rude and arrogant. He proceeded to tell me that I should had known what I was signing up for (even though no information had been included in the email about an automatic monthly fee of $89.99). This representative refused to refund the extra amount debited from my account. He finally conceded to a partial refund; however, I was so angry and upset of being scammed by this company. It was a most depleting resolution.

I was determined to change this negative experience into a positive experience. I wanted to make a line of more natural beauty products for women and men of all ages that would be affordable. I began to develop my own beauty product formulas with God’s help.

First, I tested my formulas on myself, and soon several family members were interested in trying them as well. My sister Susie was the most interested (you can see her story here). After several years of making Amazing Beauty Products I applied for a Patent. I was approved for a Patent of “Lorita’s Two-Step Beauty” in July, 2019.